Into the Country around Dhaka

Village children in Bangladesh
Hi! Welcome to our village.

Why Bangladesh? I was asked this by lots of people and the answer was simple …I wanted to go back to Sreepur Village again. Sixteen years ago I visited the village which is about thirty miles north of the capital Dhaka.

Sreepur is where the women & children’s village is based and has around 200 Mum’s and about 400 hundred children living there. They stay for up to three years. I wanted to go back again and this time with John. I’d been in touch with Pat Kerr, the Overseas Director and founder of the charity and arranged an overnight stay. I was so excited about our visit as I’d never forgotten the amazing time I’d  spent in the village. This charity is making a real difference to the lives of single mums and their children. I’ll write a little more about the project in another Blog.

As well as visiting Sreepur we wanted to see a little of Bangladesh so John booked a couple of tours with Nijhoom tours. The pictures below are some that I took on our first tour ‘Old Capital Tour’  led by our excellent guide Obaidul.

Village school children in rural Bangladesh
School children in their bamboo classrooms
Villagers on their Char on the Meghna river, Bangladesh
Villagers on their Char (river Island) on the Meghna river
Villagers on their Char in Bangladesh
More village life on the Char
Life on a Char on the river Meghna, Bangladesh
More village life on the Char
Bangladeshi village girl
Stunning village girl
Bangladesh Tours 1_0005
Obaidul, our guide
Fishermen on the river Meghna.
Fishermen on the river Meghna. They hit the water to attract the fish.
Local Bangladeshi boys
Local boys posing for my camera
Panam Nagar an abandoned city, Bangladesh
Panam Nagar an abandoned city
Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, near Dhaka, Bangladesh
Folk Arts & Crafts Museum


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