A popular meeting place for Mums and their children at Shishu Poli Plus, Sreepur

Our stay in Sreepur Village.

Sreepur Village has a superb website which explains what the project does and why and when the charity was set up and lots more. Please have a read because it’s so interesting and very heartening. I could be tempted to ‘lift’ some of the information and use it here but it’s better if you read about Sreepur Village written by people who know much more about the project than I do. Basically the charity offers a safe haven and life skills and training to destitute single mothers, abandoned by their partners and provides a wonderful life for their children. You only have to be in the village a very short while to see they achieve their Mission Statement every day.

What I do want to mention however is one very important person …Pat Kerr. Pat was instrumental along with support from British Airways and a charity called ‘Families for Children’ in building a village complex outside the capital Dhaka. This children’s village in Sreepur was the start of the  project.

By 1989 Sreepur Village was ready to accept the first group of children; some orphans and some who came with their mothers. Over the last eighteen or so years the project has grown and developed. Today with Pat who lives at Sreepur there are eighty staff, over 150 mothers and more than 420 children plus street children in Dhaka helped by their city project.

With Pat at the helm, Sreepur Village under her leadership has enabled hundreds of children to look forward to a better life and once abandoned women to return to their communities having learnt skills to enable them to live independently and support their families.

More pictures to follow in the next Blog! Meanwhile if you would like to support this very worthwhile charity just click on the ‘Donate’ button on the website.

Shishu Poli Plus, Sreepur
This lorry brought the first children and adults to the village in 1989. It’s not going anywhere now!
Activities at Sreepur Village, Sreepur
Some of the many activities at Sreepur Village – paper making, weaving, handicrafts, gardening and lots more!
Children at Sreepur Village
A few of the 426 children currently living at Sreepur Village. The guy in the check shirt is John, my other half.
Child at Shishu Poli Plus, Sreepur
A nice fleece to keep you warm on those chilly mornings.
Mums with their children at Shishu Poli Plus, Sreepur
Mums and their babies enjoying life in the village



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