Mother & toddler at Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Our stay in Sreepur Village (2)

Pat told us that assembly on a school day is at 8.30 am. After a tasty breakfast which included a delicious fluffy omelette we made our way to the grassy area, armed with my camera of course. The children standing in lines listened first of all to one of the teachers  making a few announcements before they began to sing the national anthem of Bangladesh.  We felt quite emotional listening to the singing as the children sang with such gusto. All too soon assembly was over and everyone dispersed to go to their classrooms.

The school in Sreepur Village covers pre-school, kindergarten and primary classes with the older children attending the local village schools for secondary education. Academically bright children are supported through further education and university. Most children however learn practical skills in the village and some through work experience with local ethical companies. Apprenticeships are available too.

John and I spent our remaining time in the village having fun with the younger children in their creche and re-visiting some of the workshops. I also bought handmade cards from the shop, a scarf and a few gifts then all too soon it was time to say goodbye.

I am so grateful to Pat for giving John and I the opportunity to visit the village. It is an inspiring place and so uplifting to see the difference this project is making to the lives of destitute mothers and their children.  I am proud to be a supporter of this charity, long may their work continue.

School assembly at Sreepur Village
Daily assembly with the older girls ready to go off to High School.
Kindergarden at Sreepur Village
Kindergarden with a game of ‘catch’ for the older infants.
Drying blankets & sheets at Sreepur Village, Bangladesh
A perfect drying day at Sreepur Village
Mother & toddler at Sreepur Village, Bangladesh
We found it hard to say goodbye.

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